11.1 All outdoor competitions shall be played in accordance with current E.B.F. Rules and Laws of the game.The following clauses  are necessary in order to comply with local Derbyshire County Bowling Association E.B.F. rules which must not, and are not  intended to, conflict with any National rules and laws


11.2 No player(s) must practice on the scheduled green on the same day prior to the start of the competition match.


11.3 Except in one-day competitions where the availability of rinks may cause a problem, no player must play a competition on any rink  on which he has played a game on that day.


11.4 If rain intervenes during a competition and play has to cease for a time, the question whether play can be resumed is to be left to the groundsman and/or referee on which green play is taking place. If any player or players refuse to start again after it has been decided the green is fit to play the other side claim the match.  If play is abandoned for the day for any legitimate cause, the  match shall be replayed in its entirety unless at least 75 per cent of the total number of ends have been completed or 75 per cent  of the total number of shots have been obtained, in which case the score at the state of abandonment shall be taken as the final score.


11.5 The commencing time for all evening games is 6.30 p.m. and any player or players failing to appear within thirty minutes of the  starting time named will be scratched.  Weekend games must also commence at 6.30 p.m. unless a different time is mutually agreed.


11.6 Where competitions are played on a home or away basis and unless otherwise mutually agreed, the date fixed for each round to be played shall be the date of play.  The home drawn player(s) shall arrange for a rink to be available for a 6.30 p.m. start.


11.7 Protests must be received, in writing, by the Competition Secretary within 48 hours of the match. The Executive

       Committee reserves the right to disqualify players.


11.8 No competitor may enter competitions from more than one club.


11.9 All current holders of trophies must ensure that their trophies are returned to the Competition Secretary on or before Semi Finals  Day.


11.10 In all rounds other than the finals, competitors should wear grey trousers and white or cream above the waist.

         In  all County  competition finals, full whites will be worn.


11.11 Where a player or players are in more than one final, their opponents in the second competition should be allowed, where possible,  to roll up for thirty minutes on a spare rink.


11.12 The result of each game must be in the hands of the Competition Secretary within 48 hours of the fixed closing date for that round.


11.13 Where competitions are played on a home and away basis, the away opponent(s) in any round of a competition must contact either  the Competition Secretary or a competitor from the match played in the previous round to find out the name(s) of their next round opponent(s).  There will be no automatic notification made by the Competition Secretary to competitors as each round develops.


11.14 Where competitions are played on a one day basis, the County Executive Committee will decide which of the competitions shall follow the one day format


11.15 The County Competition Secretary will be responsible for arranging the one-day competitions.  He will organise the dates of play and the venues.  He will appoint stewards/facilitators to whom he will delegate authority at each designated venue.







12.1 All indoor competitions shall be played in accordance with current E.B.F. rules and laws of the game.  The following clauses are necessary in order to comply with local Derbyshire County Bowling Association E.B.F. rules, which must not, and are not intended to conflict with any National rules and laws.


12.2 For pairs and rinks, each pair or rink can be made up of players from any currently affiliated Derbyshire club, but players must play  for one county only in these National Indoor competitions.


12.3  All entrants will need to be able to provide the facilities of an indoor bowling club where they are able to book rink time.


12.4 Singles games are to be played to 21 shots pairs and rinks to 21 ends.  Two trial ends may be played.


12.5 The first drawn player/pair/rink has the home advantage and will be responsible for providing the appropriate rink facilities, the cost of which is to be shared amongst all players.


12.6 Within 72 hours of being made aware of each round of the draw, the home player/pair/rink may offer their opponents three  dates  over a ten day period up to, but not necessarily including the ‘play on’ date, one of which must be accepted, otherwis the  match  is forfeited by their opponents.  The dates offered must include two weekdays and one weekend, or, one weekday and  two-weekend i.e. the dates offered must not be all weekdays or all weekend days.  The times given for weekday games will be   6.30 p.m or later, unless by mutual consent, and times for weekend dates shall be 4.30 p.m at the latest, again, unless by mutual consent. If a home player/pair/rink should be unable to offer three appropriate dates and times they shall forfeit the match.


12.7 The ‘play by’ date allocated to each round must not be regarded as the ‘play on’ date.


12.8 Inclement weather will not be accepted as a reason for failure to complete any match by the ‘play by’ date

        and the date will  not be extended to allow for this eventuality.


12.9 Except as provided in clause 12.6, any game not played on or before the ‘play by’ date will result in the

        defaulting  competitor(s)  being eliminated from the competition.


12.10 Substitutes may be permitted in the pairs or rinks competitions.  The first two or three players taking part in the game shall  constitute the entrant(s) and should normally play throughout the competition, including the zone finals and national finals. The same player may be used in any round providing he/she has not played for any other entrant.


12.11 Players are expected to dress for the early rounds of the competitions in grey trousers/skirts with white above the waist. The zone and national finals shall be played in full county whites.


12.12 All entries are made on the condition that the winners are prepared to represent Derbyshire at the zone and national finals.


12.13 TIME LIMITS FOR GAMES.  Owing to the expense of booking rinks, a rink booking of two hours only should be made for each game.  In order that the games are completed within this time the following shall apply:


12.13.1 In singles games, each player may only make one visit to the head during each end.  Any information otherwise required shall be communicated by the marker in accordance with ‘Duties of Markers’ outlined in the current official Yearbook.


12.13.2 In pair’s competitions, the lead may not visit the head and the skip may visit the head only once during any

           end.  Any   information otherwise required shall be communicated by the player at the head when the pair has possession of the rink (Laws  of the game IV.1 (e), (f) and (g))


12.13.3 In rinks competitions, the skip may visit the head only once during each end.  Any information otherwise required shall be  generally communicated between the No. 2 and the skip when in possession of the rink.  (Laws of the game IV.2 c and d).


12.13.4 If any game is not completed after two hours have elapsed, the score at the last completed end shall apply.  Should this result in a tied game; the decision shall be made in favour of the player/pair/rink having won the most ends.  If this formula does not produce a result, the winner of the last played end shall be awarded the match.


12.14 The interpretation of these rules and any disputes arising throughout the competition shall be the entire

          responsibility of the County Secretary whose decision shall be final.