General Rules


1. All matches will be played under the Federation laws of the game


2.  Dates for all one day competitions and Finals Day will be shown on the entry forms.


3. The Finals will be played on a given date. Unless a person is in more than 3 finals, he/she will be required to play on the set date. A person that qualifies for more than 3 finals will be expected to give up club matches to accommodate the finals taking place during the following week.


4. Due to work or other commitments a player may ask the Competitions Secretary for a morning or afternoon slot on the finals day (giving at least 7 days notice). Subject to times being available and not clashing with other events the Competition Secretary will do his/her best to accommodate any requests.


5. Results of all games must be with the Competition Secretary within 48 hours of the game being played.


6. All one day competitions will be played on the date shown on the entry form at venues allocated and advised by the Competition Secretary. Clubs will be given an opportunity to make their greens available for these matches on the entry forms. Where possible each of the five one day competitions will be played down to a winner at the two venues allocated. The two winners will go forward to play each other on Finals Day. Players should arrive for 09.00hrs for commencement of matches at 0930hrs (this will be in line with current Derbyshire rules allowing 30 minutes for competitors to arrive). The draw for the 1st Round of each competition will be made at 09.15hrs and at least one player from each team must be available to be entered in the draw. All players must arrive by 09.30hrs for the commencement of the 1st Round. If no player from a pair or triples is present at the time of the draw or any of the players are not present by 09.30hrs their team will be eliminated from the competition.


7. All other individual competitions will be played on a play by date basis. This means all dates up to the final will be play by dates.  Anyone wishing to play their game before the closing date should contact their opponent to arrange a suitable time and date that all players agree to. If no contact is made or a suitable date cannot be agreed the match should be played at 18.30hrs on the closing date shown on the draw sheet. If an opponent does not arrive within 30minutes of the agreed starting time the match can be claimed. All results and claimed matches should be advised to the Competitions Secretary within 48 hours of the closing date.


8. In the team competitions it is the home team’s responsibility to offer the away team dates for the Team Championship and Grenville Glover matches. At least one of these dates should be a Saturday or Sunday. If the home team fails to offer any dates 7 days before the closing date then the away team can contact them with dates. If no dates are agreed the game will take place at 18.30hrs on the closing date. The final for each team competition will be played on a fixed date at a neutral venue determined by the Competition Secretary. The winners of the Team Championship will be expected to represent Derbyshire in the National Team championships the following season.


9. The format for the Team Championship will be 4 Rinks of 3 players. This is an open event so any mix of male and female players can play providing they are from the same club. The match will consist of 25 ends plus 2 trial ends. The team with the highest aggregate shots over the 4 rinks will be the winners. If the overall aggregate score is level after all the rinks have played their 25 ends then all 4 rinks will play an extra end each and the total shots of all 4 rinks will determine the winners. Extra ends will continue to be played until an outright winner can be determined.


10. The format of the Grenville Glover Cup is as follows –

2 bowl singles -   the first to 21 shots

2 bowl pairs - played over 21 ends

2 bowl triples - played over 18 ends

2 bowls fours - played over 16 ends


The winner of the match will be the team with the highest aggregate shots after all four games have completed their total ends.

If the overall aggregate score is level after all games have finished the singles match will play an extra end to determine the winners


11. In all competitions the Dress Code, as per the E.B.F. National Rule Book, should be followed. Up to the finals this will be White or Registered Club shirt and Grey trousers. Jeans will not be allowed. In the finals it will be White or Registered Club shirts and White trousers. For ladies taking part in men’s competitions they may wear skirts instead of trousers. In all games there should be no mixture of White or Registered Club shirts on the rink i.e all players playing together should wear the same colour top. However in any Mixed Competitions ladies can wear a different type of top to the men.  


 12. In the one day competitions the person shown in charge at the venue on the day as the authority to enforce these rules.   The host clubs copy of the current National Year Book should be made  available for his / her use on the day. Guidance can be sort from the Outdoor Competitions  Secretary if felt needed.  A qualified umpire and/or the Outdoor Competition Secretary should be  in attendance throughout all of the finals to ensure that these rules are followed.      


Rules for the One-Day Competitions 2018

  • There will be no charge for any competitions on the day as all the charges are now included in the entry
  • The draw for all Competitions 1st Round games will take place at 9.15am. at each venue.
  • There must be at least one player from the original entry in attendance when the Competition 1st
    Round Draw is made at
    9.15am. If no one from the original entry is present at 09.15 then that entry
    will be scratched from the competition.
  • All Competition 1st Round games will commence at 9.30am.
  • All players must be present for the commencement of the Competition 1st Round game at 9.30am. (It
    is advised that all competitors arrive for 9.00am for the draw being made at 9.15am. - this will be in
    line with current rules allowing 30 minutes for competitors to arrive).
  • Players will be allowed 2 trial ends prior to the commencement of each game. Roll ups before any
    matches are strictly prohibited.

All phones should be switched off before the commencement of each game.

All Venues will now be played down to a winner:

LADIES dress is Grey Skirts or Trousers and White Top.

Registered club shirts may be worn. These must be worn by all players on the same rink.

Clubs that will be hosting the competitions have been designated a facilitator in respect of the competitors that have been drawn there (see below and competition draw sheets). In most cases the assigned person is an executive member of our association, secretary or members of the hosting Club. These people should ensure the smooth running of the competition for that day in relation to the above rules, and co-ordinate with a club member in respect of the club's rules and regulations.

Sunday 13th May     2-Bowl Mens Triples

Castle Donington  Mervyn Sankey Fred Archer

Heanor Miners Wlfare Colin Sims Ray Taylor


Sunday 20m May     2 Bowl    Mixed Pairs

Derby West End Dave Woods Ray Taylor

Stute Colin Sims Russell Robinson



Sunday 3r June     3-Bowl Mens Triples   

Victoria Park Colin Sims Dave Woods

Derby West End Ray Taylor Russell Robinson


Sunday 10   June   2 Bowl Mixed Triples (Marie Denny)

Victoria Park Ray Taylor Dave Wilson

C res well Colin Sims Fred Archer




Sunday 24th June   2-Bowl Mens Pairs.

Long Eaton Town Colin Sims Dave Woods

Stute Ray Taylor Richard Robinson