On the 9th October 1928 the Derbyshire County (Flat Green) Bowling Association  was Formed.The President for the first two years was The Hon.Marquis of  Hartington. For its motto the Association had "Bene Societas" - Good Fellowship.


  The English Bowling Federation was formed in 1945, although the grass roots of the Federation may well be traced back some 53 years earlier to the North-East of England, at which time the Northumberland and Durham Bowling Association was formed when four Newcastle Public Park Clubs formed an alliance adapting rules which differed from the stronger and more popular EBA.


News of the "breakaway" spread to the East Midlands, and the less stringent ' Laws of the Game' with regard to the condition of bowling greens - the use of ditches and banks was not compulsory - in effect any reasonable grassed and level area was considered suitable - and this, as well as a flexibility in hours of play was a boon to a work force then working much longer hours than is the case today.


In 1925 Lincolnshire formed an Association, and in Norfolk the game caught on with many public houses providing greens, rather as the Crown Green code had done some thirty or more years earlier, and in 1926 Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Norfolk formed the Midland and East Anglian Bowling Association, and it can reasonably be assumed that from this union the EBF of today was fathered.  


 Interest spread and in 1929 Northamptonshire, Derbyshire and Suffolk came into the fold to be followed by first Durham and then, in 1936, by their northern neighbors Northumberland. In 1945 this amalgamation of Counties took the title by which today’s English Bowling Federation is instantly recognisable.