1.1 The Association shall be known as the DERBYSHIRE COUNTY BOWLING ASSOCIATION E.B.F.




2.1 The headquarters of the Association shall be at the Heanor Miners’ Welfare Social Club, Heanor, but meetings may be held in

      other towns.




3.1 The objects of the Association shall be to promote, foster and safeguard the flat green game of bowls under English Bowling

       Federation rules.




4.1 The following Officials, Delegates and Representatives shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting:


The President

The President – Elect

The Junior Deputy President

The Secretary

The Treasurer

The Match Secretary

The Outdoor Competition Secretary

The Indoor Competition Secretary

The Team Manager

The Assistant Team Manager

Two Auditors

The County Press Officer

The E.B.F. National Delegate

Four Representatives for the E.B.F. Annual General Meeting


4.2 Nominations from affiliated Club Secretaries for positions covered by rule 4.1 must be received, in writing, by the County

       Secretary   for acceptance at the August Executive Committee Meeting.


4.3 Only such nominations as are received under rule 4.2 above will be allowed to go forward for ballot at the Annual General

       Meeting, except where no nomination is received for any of the Officials listed in rule 4.1 above.


4.4 The Association shall be controlled by an Executive Committee consisting of the following:


The President

The President – Elect

The Junior Deputy President

The Secretary

The Treasurer

The Match Secretary

The Outdoor Competition Secretary

The Indoor Competition Secretary

The County Press Officer

The Immediate Past President

The E.B.F. National Delegate

The Team Manager

The Assistant Team Manager

All Life Members

Two nominated Delegates from each affiliated club, who shall be nominated, by name, in writing by the affiliated

Club Secretary concerned, but who may be represented by a substitute from the club when necessary.


4.5 Meetings of the County Executive Committee shall be held five times each year during December, March, April, August and



4.6 The County Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt any person(s) having special skills, knowledge, experience or

      expertise, which it considers desirable.  Such co-opted person(s) shall have no power to vote.


4.7 The County Secretary shall keep the minutes and record all proceedings of the Association.




5.1 Life Membership may be granted to certain individuals, who by loyal service or other meritorious action, are considered by the

      Executive Committee to be deserving of this honour.


5.2 Life Members may attend meetings of the County Executive Committee with the power to vote and are also entitled to vote at

     General meetings.




6.1 Vice Presidential membership is currently in abeyance.






7.1 The Annual Meeting shall be held during the third full week in October of each year.


7.2 All notices of motions and resolutions must be received by the Secretary, in writing, for acceptance at the August Executive

      Committee Meeting.


7.3 Four adult delegates from each club affiliated to the Association and all Life Members may attend the Annual Meeting and shall

      have voting powers on any subject under discussion.


7.4 Notices of motions and resolutions must be seconded from the floor of the meeting by another club before being put to the vote.


7.5 Any Delegate wishing to speak must address the Chair, giving their name and the name of the club, and no Delegate may speak

     more  than once on the same subject, except for the proposers’ right of reply.


7.6 The President or Chairman for the time being may call a Special Meeting at their discretion.


7.7 All bona fide members of affiliated clubs may attend any General Meeting in addition to the voting Delegates.


7.8 Any club not represented at the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting (as defined in rule 7.6) will be fined.  The extent of the

    monetary  fine will be determined by the Executive Committee.  It will take the form of a discount available only to clubs, which

   have  been represented.  Clubs entitled to an attendance discount will offset the agreed amount against the affiliation fee for the

   year following each Annual or Special Meeting.




8.1 Audited accounts shall be made up to 31st August each year and presented at the Annual Meeting.


8.2 Annual affiliation fees and per capita fees shall be payable by each affiliated club.  The County Executive Committee shall

     decide the amount of these fees.  All affiliation and per capita fees must be paid by 1st April each year.  These fees shall be set

    with a  punitive rate of discount that can only be claimed by clubs who pay their fees by 1st April each year and also provide a

     register  of   male members in accordance with the requirement in clause 8.4 below.  The affiliation fees shall include the

     cost of four  tickets  for the President’s annual function.


8.3 Any club wishing to withdraw from the Derbyshire County Bowling Association E.B.F. must indicate their intention to do so,

     in writing, to the County Secretary by 1st September, otherwise all affiliation and per capita fees remain payable for the

     following year.


8.4 Clubs shall provide a register of male members along with their payment of affiliation and per capita fees. Such a register

      shall be  based upon the club membership as at 31st August of the previous year, the figure upon which the national per capita

      record is based.




9.1 The county teams will be selected by the Team Manager and his Assistant.


9.2 A member will be entitled to receive a county badge when he has accumulated six points as follows:


    One point for each time a member plays in a Federation County match.

    One half of a point for each time a member attends a Federation County match as a selected reserve.

     Friendly matches are excluded from the award of points.

     In accumulating the necessary points a member must play in at least one match.


    A member qualifying for a county badge under these rules may qualify for a further award in the form of an ‘Adams Flash’ when

    they   have completed six further matches as an exclusive Adams team player.  This implies that an ‘Adams Flash’ award will

    only  be  made after a player has taken part in twelve county matches, six of which must be Adams trophy matches.


   The above badge entitlement will also be observed in respect of the indoor Derbyshire Trophy matches except that a special

     indoor flash will be awarded when a member has played in six Derbyshire trophy matches.


  The Eversley Trophy team shall be selected from elected members of the county executive committee and past

   county  presidents.  To be eligible for selection for this team committee members MUST attend at least one county

   executive  committee meeting during that year.


9.3 The county will recognise any player who has played for the county in a combination of fifty Adams and Newton teams or a

       combination of both




10.1 Competitions shall be controlled by the Executive Committee and the Competition Secretary elected at the Annual Meeting.


10.2 Competition fees, dates and venues shall be decided by the Executive Committee.


10.3 Competitions shall be:




10.3.1 Team Championship    

10.3.2 Rinks – two woods   

10.3.3 Rinks – three woods   

10.3.4 Pairs – two woods

10.3.5 Singles – two woods      

10.3.6 Singles – four woods

10.3.7 Mixed Pairs – two woods

10.3.8 Under 25’s – two woods

10.3.9 Over 65’s – two woods

10.3.10  Mixed rinks – two woods

10.3.11  Secretary’s Cup – two woods

10.3.12  Champion of Champions cup – two woods

10.3.13  Veteran’s Pairs – two woods

10.3.14  Senior Mixed Pairs – two woods

10.3.15 Under 25’s Open Pairs – two woods




10.3.16 - Singles

10.3.17 - Pairs

10.3.18 - Mixed Pairs

10.3.19 - Rinks

10.3.20 - Mixed Rinks

10.3.21 - Under 25’s Open Singles

10.3.22 - Senior singles


10.4 Where competitions are played on a home and away basis, the home player(s) has choice of rinks.


10.5 Each round must be played by the date fixed.


10.6 Where competitions are played on a home and away basis, the competitor(s) drawn first has choice of green.


10.7 The winners of appropriate competitions will represent the County in the National Federation competitions.  Any county

        winner(s), failing to appear at either the indoor or outdoor national finals will have their entries declined for a period

       of   one year from all county activities.  This could be waived under exceptional circumstances after a letter of

        explanation   has been submitted to the County Secretary for consideration by the Executive Committee.


10.8 In each round of the Team Championship, other than the final, the home team shall offer their opponents at least three dates

       of   which one shall be a week-end day over a two week period, one of which must be accepted, otherwise the away team

      forfeit  the  game.  The date of the final will be determined and published at the time the competition draw is made and

      will be played at a neutral venue.


10.9 All affiliated clubs may enter the Team Championship, which will be played on a countywide basis.  It is a condition of entry

       that   the winning club represents Derbyshire in the National Team Championship.  The winning team will receive a team

      banner at the presentation evening.  A monetary award to the winning team will depend on the matches played the

       following   season; £50.00 will be given for each away game against teams from Humberside, Northumberland,

       Cleveland or Durham.  No monetary award would be given for any home game or a fixture against

       Nottinghamshire.  Any award would  be paid at the end of the following season.


10.10 Fees for the Team Championship will be decided by the Executive Committee.


10.11 Team Championship teams may be composed of both male and female players, providing they are full members of the

         competing  club.


10.12 The Team Championship competition will be played over 25 ends.


10.13 All singles competitors must agree that they will participate in the final on All Finals Day.  Any player not agreeing to this

          shall  forfeit  his right to play in the final and a walk over will be awarded to his opponent.






13.1 The business of the Association shall be conducted in accordance with this constitution and rules, which may only be amended

        by the Association at the Annual Meeting or a properly convened Special Meeting in accordance with rule 7.6